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Are you a snacker or do you graze?

With today’s lifestyles often meaning busy days you may notice quite easily that your eating habits adapt a certain instability. You suddenly go from three meals a day to the odd snack or you quite literally graze as you go.

However, what you may not have accounted for is the impact this kind of change to your eating habits has on your teeth and oral hygiene.

If you eat at irregular intervals throughout the day then you are essentially increasing the risk of there being more acidic content on your teeth through the day. Consider eating your breakfast at 9am, having a nice lunch at 1pm and then at 5pm have a good lunch, you will almost certainly have brushed your teeth after breakfast in the morning and come bedtime you’ll be brushing them again.

Now let’s consider snacking. You have your breakfast perhaps after you’ve brushed your teeth in the morning because you’ve eaten at work or on the way to work. Then you’ve missed your lunch so in the afternoon you had some biscuits and a sandwich. You then don’t have time for traditional dinner so you eat in the car on-route.  By the time you’ve got home it’s midnight and if you’re honest – do you always even bother to brush your teeth?

Now try and imagine the impact all this has on your teeth. They are being subjected to more serious acid impact because you’ve just not brushed them and all of this over-time means the potential to damage teeth enamel and even increase things like gum disease.

So what can you do?

Well it’s actually a lot simpler than you think.  The obvious one would be to brush your teeth after snacking or grazing. However, if you can’t do this then you can try sugarfree gum after eating. This will increase saliva in the mouth and help to wash away those troublesome food particles.

You can also consider mouth wash of course. This will allow you to rinse away food particles but it can be difficult when you’re on the go!

The British Dental Health Foundation does actually endorse the use of sugarfree gum – but it’s important to make sure it is sugar free!

If you constantly graze and are worried about your teeth, why not stock a pack of sugarfree gum for when you’re on the move and speak to your dentist for other ways to keep your oral health in pristine condition?

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