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A beautiful smile for your wedding day…

When it comes to a wedding there are so many things to be thinking about. From the importance of the dress right down to the colour of the napkins on the table for the reception. However, one area is fast gaining importance for both bride and groom it seems. The wedding smile.

More and more often we are starting to see pre-wedding dentistry forming part of the overall organisational needs for a wedding, especially in view of the fact that there will be hundreds and hundreds of photos being taken.

Both bride and groom see the wedding photos as a truly special reminder of an important day and not surprisingly it’s important to have the perfect smile for those photographs.

So if you’re looking at planning a wedding for next year here’s a few tips that might help!

Not surprisingly, it’s a good idea to get any work required done nice and early. This will take away the pressure closer to the day and of course, will give you time to get the results you want. From tooth implants through to periodontal surgery, it can all be planned months in advance of the wedding day.

Periodontal surgery can massively improve the aesthetics of your teeth, giving you a less gum filled smile and more sparkle. Equally, tooth implants are a great solution if you’ve got missing teeth.

Implants have a fantastic success rate too, meaning that your dental work will long after the wedding day is over.

If for any reason you need something like braces, having a few months planning is another way to improve your smile. On average, braces take about six months to take effect, so start now and you’ll have that perfect smile for your perfect day.

If you’re a little closer to the day then there’s still a lot you can do. From crowns on a damaged tooth to restore it’s appearance or it’s function through to dealing with stained or discoloured teeth, you’ve still got time. For example, porcelain veneers can create stunning smiles where you might have small or even spaced and discoloured teeth.

If you’re very close to the day then you may feel there’s nothing you can do. However, there are still options for getting your teeth whitened and of course for small chips to be repaired properly.

The truth is, there’s no time like the present to get your oral health under control and here at Advanced Dentistry we’re happy to help.

If you’re a bride or groom worried about how your teeth are going to look on your big day, why not book a consultation to see how we can help? It might be a lot more straight-forward than you think!

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