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We all gently graze but what is it doing to our teeth?

If you are like thousands of other people in the UK, snacking regularly will be something you will be used to.  Whether it’s sweets or sugar and salt loaded provisions, you can be sure that they do cause serious health issues if you do not look after your teeth.  While it could be suggested that ‘little and often’ is better than a binge, the long-term impact on your teeth and gums can be quite significant.

An amazing 68% of people in the UK snack more than six times each and every day and while brushing your teeth after meal is a good idea, most people don’t brush theirs after six snacks!  Because of this habitual cycle, many people don’t brush their teeth nearly enough.

The British Dental Health Foundation suggests that eating while you are on the move and between your main meals without adjusting the rate at which you brush your teeth can be very harmful to your oral health and years down the line you could find yourself with missing teeth and receding gums.

However, it is not just chocolates and crisps that give your oral health issues.  Many people do not realise the harm that things like sparkling water can do.  While good old plain water is great for your overall health, carbonated drinks comprise of weak acid solutions that erode your teeth enamel.

Even things like yoghurts – which are considered perhaps not ‘healthy’ but certainly ‘okay’ to eat are full of acidic ingredients that have added sugar, which as we have stressed previously in blogs is a major cause of tooth decay.

And while things like fruit are exceptionally good for your health, they also contain acids which can also erode your teeth.

Obviously we would promote healthy eating to everyone and by no means should you stop eating fruit as it is full of essential vitamins.  However, you should do it in moderation and consider the impact on your oral health.

For example, rather than choose sugary snacks the time, try and opt for foods that are high in things like calcium.  Cheese is a great example of this and we all enjoy some with crackers on occasion.  Equally, anything with a good level of vitamin C is great – which can include strawberries and kiwis, but again, in moderation!

Nuts are also good for you and can actually eliminate infections within the mouth, so opt for these kinds of snacks if you are going to eat between main meals.

Obviously the best option is to try and eat three good meals a day.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner and if you eat the right amounts then you should technically snack less, which in turn will mean you can worry less about the impact of sugary snacks on your teeth.

Everything in moderation can see you enjoying your food without doing long-term damage to your oral health and remember – brush your teeth regularly to ensure you maintain your oral hygiene.  Floss regularly to ensure there are no trapped food particles between your teeth and above all – look after yourself.

If you are in anyway concerned about your teeth or perhaps already think that the damage is done and don’t smile all that often, contact us here and we will be happy to help you.  We can work wonders with smiles and an array of other treatments – designed to cater for your oral health and aesthetic beauty.

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