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The right way when it comes to brushing…

Back to basics

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Here at Advanced Dentistry we spend a great deal of time helping people with various issues with their teeth. This can include things like discoloured teeth, crooked teeth, resolving gaps in teeth and a whole host of other complicated (and not so complicated) treatments.

However, across the nation there is one fundamental process that all people with teeth should learn about and do effectively and that is brushing your teeth!

In today’s blog we therefore thought we would dedicate a little bit of time to explaining the main tips you need to know about brushing your teeth properly to enhance freshness of breath and of course ensure you help to keep your teeth looking healthy with a decent brushing regime.

The facts!

Brushing your teeth properly should take at least two minutes.  However, most adults do not nearly brush for that long, with averages at under 45 seconds! While we all get busy in the mornings and it’s tempting to brush up quickly and get out the door, it’s no excuse really. You can use a stop watch for example to maintain a two minute brushing time.

Adequate brushing is about using short and gentle strokes and paying attention to your gum lines, while not forgetting those harder to reach areas like the back teeth.

How to brush your teeth

Here’s a good system to ensure you are brushing your teeth properly:

  • First clean your upper teeth and then your lower teeth on the outer surfaces
  • Next clean the inner surfaces
  • Then clean the surfaces that you chew with
  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue either!  This will help you keep fresher breath.

Make sure you also use the right kind of toothbrush.  A softer bristled brush is usually good for removing things like plaque from your teeth and if the head is smaller you will find it is more equipped to reach all areas of your mouth more easily.  Obviously, a good powered tooth brush is going to give you the best results when brushing and there are a number of options available from the high street.

The next time you are brushing your teeth, just think of the long-term benefits of keeping to the 2 minute brushing regime and hopefully you will enjoy a better smile, fresher breath and less issues with gum disease!

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