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Smile With Confidence – A Dentistry Blog

When meeting people in social situations your smile is one of the first things on show. At Advanced Dentistry we want you to smile with confidence.

Looking after your teeth is an important part of your appearance but also integral to your health and well-being.

Advanced Dentistry aims and approach is all tied into our treatment centre based in Windsor which aims to reassure our patients at all levels. This ensures that their their dental care and any uncertainty is in the best possible hands.

Dental technology has come a very long way over the last century; however like anything in life it is always developing and with Tidu Mankoo, the founder of the centre you can be sure that as a world class dentist he is always at the forefront of new treatments.

Every year innovative new techniques are developed to improve the condition of your teeth and your comfort levels when visiting the dentist. Each week we will aim to address a number of conditions such as tooth wear and erosion and gum disease in our blog and are constantly updating it.

There will also be discussion of new trends in dentistry such as the cosmetic Invisalign process and whether clip on teeth are worth the effort.

If you find going to the dentist a bit scary we can give you more information about what is involved in procedures such as root canal surgery and dental bridges. As with any medical care explaining what is being done for the patient is all part of the healing process.

Our aim is to make dentistry enjoyable by encouraging customers to come for regular checkups so that they do not need to have major work done. Even if you do need fillings or oral surgery we will use the best anaesthesia techniques and painkilling injections so there is no discomfort.

Our centre in Windsor covers all aspects including  aesthetic dentistry and orthodontic dentistry, as well as any restorative work. We offer a range of expertise with extensive client testimonials to show patients that they are in safe hands.

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