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Problems with your wisdom teeth? Signs they might be impacted…

If your wisdom teeth begin to emerge from your gums you are bound to experience some pain. It’s all part of the course of getting your teeth here. However, if your teeth become impacted or have a problem getting through because your other teeth are in the way it’s time to take notice.

More extreme pain can indicate a problem, such as teeth lodged in your jawbone and therefore we’ve come up with some useful guidance. Obviously, do bear in mind that each and every person is different and for the best advice we recommend you visit us if you seriously have a problem.

Here’s five signs your wisdom teeth might be impacted:

  1. Jaw Pain – If it’s pain towards the back of your jaw this can be an indicator of a wisdom tooth problem. Obviously toothache from a wisdom tooth coming through his common though.
  2. Changes within your mouth – If you happen to notice changes in your mouth such as red gums, jaw selling, bleeding gums or bad breath it is essential to visit a dentist to see what’s going on. These can signify infection for instance so best to get it looked at promptly.
  3. Headaches – if you suddenly develop frequent headaches in conjunction with other symptoms it is possible you’ve got an issue. Again, to be certain it’s always best to visit your dentist for a professional opinion.
  4. Problems chewing – If you begin to have issues with chewing this can signify impacted wisdom teeth. For example, if it hurts to chew, if your mouth doesn’t quite open as it normally does or if you are getting twinges of pain when you do chew – it’s time to see a dentist!

If you have impacted wisdom teeth or indeed any problems as stated above it’s time to visit a professional for an evaluation.  You may actually be perfectly fine but if you do nothing you could end up in so much more pain and even infection.

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