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Electronic Cigarettes – What’s the trouble?

Ecigarettes have become an extremely popular past-time for many Brits. In fact, there are many smokers now who have given up one habit for another. However, what are the health implications and can they affect your teeth?

There was a survey undertaken in 2010 regarding electronic cigarettes. At this point, a very small percentage of smokers had tried them and a massive amount had never even heard of them. Four years later a large proportion of the smoking population has tried them and regularly uses them.  Their appeal has apparently become very attractive.

While there are many who feel the use of ecigarettes are a positive move for better health, there are others who feel this is a complete misconception. There are it seems harmful chemicals found in ecigarettes too.

After all, nicotine itself is addictive but it’s not the main issue with cigarettes, or it seems electronic cigarettes!

More recent research is finding high levels of variable properties within ecigarettes. Different toxins are used in different concentrations. This leaves us with a potentially very unsafe situation as at present, the contents are not regulated.

The current evidence shows (outside of any health implications) that ecigarettes have helped people cut down or even quit tobacco and to some degree, this would suggest they are great for helping people achieve a smoke free life.

The issue however, is more to do with what damage you’re doing while using them and at the moment no one knows for sure what the answer to this is.

It is perhaps better to be smoke free and electronic cigarette free in the long-run. After all, smoking itself kills a lot of people every year and on average knocks about 10 years off your life. By the time they’ve figured out what the harm might be with ecigarettes you may also have done damage to your body this way.

So it’s probably time to quit for good and that includes the electronic cigarettes!

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