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Edentulism – are you missing your life?

While there are many ailments and issues surround teeth that can impact on confidence and even the ability to smile, perhaps one of the biggest is for those who suffer from partial or even complete edentulism. This is where you have missing teeth or no teeth.

Not surprisingly this oral issue can have massive implications on your lifestyle, such as never being able to smile properly in any social situation, an increased feeling of self-consciousness and of course a potential impact on the shape of your face.

However, while edentulism can be seen as a major issue there are actually lots of treatments available that can eradicate the problem, giving you a chance to restore your smile to what it used to be and in some cases, making it even better.

Completely removable dentures

This is perhaps what many people consider to be the most obvious treatment for missing teeth, particularly where a large portion of the teeth are gone.

Fixed implants supported crowns and bridges

This is a more extensive form of treatment and usually requires approximately six to ten implants in each jaw.  While this is a more intensive treatment, many people see it as a good alternative to dentures.

Fixed implants supported dentures

This treatment usually involves having four to six implants in each jaw.  Perhaps not quite as extensive as the treatment just mentioned, but again it can be a favourable alternative to standard removable dentures.

All on 4 implants

This is fixed dentures on four implants in each jaw.

Removable over-dentures on implants

This involves having two to four implants in each jaw.

One of the benefits to the dental implant route is that for someone younger – who may have lost teeth in an accident perhaps there is no need to wear dentures.  For someone in their twenties or thirties suffering with edentulilsm it is bad enough, without then having to consider the impact of dentures at such a young age.

Even those who have previously had dentures from a young age for any reason, there is still the potential to change all that with some professional implants too.

That’s why if you have extensive tooth loss or missing teeth and have coped with the initial treatment for years you can still get the smile you deserve and restore your self-confidence with the dental implant route.

Advanced Dentistry in Windsor has extensive experience restoring teeth with a variety of treatments and most importantly in a caring fashion.

Our aim is to restore smiles where they are missing and give anyone receiving the treatment confidence and the ability to live a normal life.



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