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Do you think your teeth are the worst a dentist could ever have seen?

A very common misconception about decayed teeth is that your dentist won’t have seen anything as bad in his or her life!  In fact, people seem to feel so bad about the state of their teeth this can actually prevent them getting the treatment they need.

In today’s blog, Windsor Advanced Dentistry takes a look at a very common feeling when it comes to patients, their teeth and their dentist!

First off, it is highly unlikely that your dentist has never seen extreme cases of tooth decay.  After all, where it comes to aesthetic dentistry people have an array of issues that they want fixed so they can smile again and very often some people have really let things go before getting treatment.

The second point to this is not to feel self-conscious or feel intimidated.  Your dentist is not going to make judgement on you.  After all, that’s why you’re there getting treatment.

A good dentist will never make you feel bad or self-conscious about your teeth.  What they should do is make you feel at ease and offer you comfort and of course a way forward to restore your smile.

Many people are also very fearful of the dentist.  It’s such a common problem amongst so many people.

Tooth decay images, before and after treatment

We recommend you get an initial consultation in a friendly and relaxed environment where you can feel at ease and get the treatment for your tooth decay that you deserve.

Teeth are an ongoing part of your overall health routine and they will age along with you, so there’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about at all and here at Advanced Dentistry you can be certain you won’t be made to feel embarrassed.

The reality is of course is that once you’re there at the dentist it’s never as bad as it could be.  Perhaps it’s the intimacy of the treatment that puts you off, or maybe you are simply terrified of the unknown.  Whatever the case you should never feel intimidated by the thought, especially if you’re dealing with tooth decay that is quite advanced.

Even if you have extremely advanced decayed teeth and other oral health problems, our job is to help you devise a bespoke treatment that will restore your confidence and of course your smile!

You won’t have the worst teeth a dentist has ever seen – honestly!

If you have tooth decay and are worried about the impact then why not contact us for an initial consultation and start feeling better today!

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