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Crooked teeth or a gap? There are solutions at Advanced Dentistry

If you have crooked teeth or even unsightly gaps in your teeth, you may well assume that nothing can be done to sort things out – particularly if you have had them since childhood and you assumed that as you got older, any hope of rectifying them was not feasible.

Gap in teeth - before and after

If you are of this opinion then you may be pleased to hear it’s not actually the case at all.  In fact, crooked teeth and gaps are resolvable and you can have the smile you want with the right treatment at Advanced Dentistry in Windsor.

The practice of orthodontics is used to correct teeth that may be positioned badly or indeed where you may have gaps.  Therefore, even as an adult there are solutions that can give you better teeth alignment and consequently teeth that sit in their correct positions.

There are so many reasons to get crooked teeth fixed.  Not only do you gain confidence when you smile but you can also optimise your ‘bite’ and you can improve the overall arrangement and functions of your teeth.  It can also help improve brushing and flossing, which in the long-term has a positive impact on your oral health.

Depending on your personal situation, you could have a better smile using orthodontics and bleaching with no need for veneers at all – something that many people don’t always realise is possible.  The great thing about orthodontic treatment is that it means a lot less changes to your existing teeth. This can mean you avoid uncomfortable veneers for straightening and more extensive work on what would otherwise be healthy teeth.

For adults, it’s good to know that teeth will reposition quite happily with the right treatments.  However, it’s important to note that if you do have gaps in your teeth, you could end up with more problems later on.  This can in extreme cases, result in a change to the shape of your face around the jaw.  This can happen where you might have a missing tooth – for example at the back – and over time, if the gap is not resolved any teeth next to the gap will actually migrate in to the gap.  This is where your bite changes.

Of course, different people will experience different rates of change, but it is food for thought, when you consider that a gap will make a difference at some point.

So if you have crooked teeth or indeed gaps in your teeth and would like to improve your overall oral health and dental aesthetics, do consider an initial consultation with Advanced Dentistry in Windsor. We have extensive experience in helping all sorts of people in gaining confidence and happiness through great teeth!

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