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British teeth – nothing to smile about?

There is an old myth about bad British teeth that may have been perpetuated further in the wake aesthetic dentistry, but as they say, every myth has some basis in truth. Brits are generally considered to have the worst dental hygiene in Europe, something which our American friends tend to make fun of at every chance they get. Our “bad” teeth are the butts of jokes in mainstream American pop culture from The Simpsons to stand-up comedy routines. We have long endured ridicule by the rest of the world for our wonky, yellow, rotting and sadly missing teeth. It’s like we’re cursed; doomed to forever be the punch line in the oral health universe. Why should this be?

Aesthetic dentistry for a range of issues with teeth, including missing ones is a favoured option for many people dissatisfied with the natural appearance of their not-so-pearly whites. They invest in having a smile make-over to feel better about their look, and rightly they should. Whether they are having their missing teeth replaced with implants or a range of other treatments doesn’t matter. It’s all for the greater good of your teeth and oral health. We want to dispel this myth/truth amongst Britons today that bad oral hygiene is practised religiously in homes across the country. All it is down to is a lack of awareness. People do not realise the importance of looking after their teeth.

6% of British men go for more than a whole week without brushing their teeth while a whopping 60% of women skip brushing before bed daily. These stats came in from a survey commissioned by Oral-B for National Smile Month, which runs until the 15th of June 2013. 11% of Brits admitted to skipping brushing their teeth before work! Surely that is the one time you want your teeth to look clean and your breath to smell good?! Dealing with customers, colleagues and the opposite sex, after all, is a big part of any job!

The scary fact is, the British simply do not like going to the dentist. There is a barrier in people’s minds about their teeth. People are willing to go years without a check-up and it is simply not good for their general health! Teeth need some tender love and care. Even the healthiest, in-shape, fitness freaks alive can overlook the importance of oral hygiene.

This is why Windsor Advanced Dentistry seeks to change attitudes and make a difference in how people perceive their dental health and aesthetic dentistry in general. It’s about looking after your overall oral health to produce a smile that you can be proud of. Therefore, at Advanced Dentistry, you can get a consultation on the state of teeth’s current aesthetic and health, and then turn that old, outdated punch line about bad British teeth around entirely.

A beautiful smile with healthy gums and teeth is something we all desire and it’s what our dental practice strives to provide for all our patients.  There are a variety of dental treatments available that have advantages and disadvantages for different people. Treatments range from dealing with missing, chipped, worn or discoloured teeth to composite bonding and tooth-coloured fillings. It depends on the individual, which is why every case is different.

Help to dispel the great British myth about bad teeth and start looking to make your smile better with Dentistry UK. If you need any advice or would like more information please feel free to contact us.

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