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Advanced Dentistry solutions to crooked teeth

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog posts at Advanced Dentistry, you’ll probably have noticed how much of an emphasis we place on the importance of a good smile.  Not only can it be aesthetically pleasing and helpful in remaining as youthful as possible but the wonders it can perform on your confidence and outlook on life are astounding.

Any small imperfection in a smile can undermine your self confidence, making it more difficult to be a sociable, outgoing person.  Here at Advanced Dentistry we take pride in giving you a reason to smile – whether through a small correction or a complete restructuring process.  Our service is tailor made around your requirements.

Crooked teeth are a common problem.  Many people are less than satisfied with their dental appearance – this wide category can include teeth being too close together, too far apart or angled.  This sort of problem can result in physical difficulties as well, with potential speech problems and eating trouble topping the list.  Eventually, the gradual strain on the jaw combined with the difficulty to adequately clean the affected teeth can lead to many conditions which can be a great deal worse.

A variety of causes could lead to crooked or uneven teeth.  Teeth can naturally grow in out of shape in some, while age can gradually bring on the change in others.  It may be that an accident has knocked them out of place, but whatever the cause, Advanced Dentistry is here to help.

Fortunately these problems are not usually difficult to rectify and usually involve the application of braces and aligners to ‘encourage’ teeth to grow back into more regular and practical positions.  This process is often thought of as lengthy, uncomfortable and unappealing, but we offer more than just the one solution to fix crooked teeth.

There are many orthodontic treatment options today to have your teeth straightened in convenient, fast and effective ways.

One solution we would recommend for those patients concerned about the longevity of treatments such as conventional braces is the Inman Aligner, pictured above.  Designed to correct overcrowding and treat front teeth protrusion, these patented products can guide your teeth back into an ideal place in a matter of weeks (6-16).  Unobtrusive and removable, these aligners can easily fit in around your daily life – so you don’t need to hide your smile for those family photos.

Even the more traditional braces are now available in a wider variety of styles and materials than ever before.  Generally considered the most affordable approach, these contraptions can be made from ceramic material to make them difficult to see against your teeth, or even crystal which is virtually invisible.  Many kinds of clear braces are available – do ask your dentist and contact us for more information on what services are on offer.

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