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A multi-discipline treatment involving restorative treatment, orthodontics, implants, gum re-contouring, veneers, crowns and bridges was required to create the optimum result for this full mouth rehabilitation.

The excellent result demonstrates maintenance of health, function and aesthetics 8 years after completion of treatment. This is highlights the exceptional quality of the treatment carried out.

The mouth of 41 year old Bill was extremely broken down through years of neglect because of Bill’s fear of dentists. After seeing us and the treatment that we offer he felt confident to finally address his mouth and undergo the treatment necessary to create a beautiful, healthy and lasting smile.

The case posed a considerable challenge. A comprehensive interdisciplinary dental reconstruction in combination with dental implants was required with a multi-staged approach using different disciplines of dentistry – basic conservative dental treatment, endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics, fixed prosthodontics and dental implants were all required to achieve the long term success of this dental reconstruction.

The dental implants were used to restore the broken down and missing back teeth with fixed crown & bridgework, whilst the front teeth were saved by treatment and restoration with crowns and porcelain veneers.

The treatment took some 18 months to complete and the end result shown nearly 10 years later (8 years after completion) clearly demonstrates the excellent result.


“After a bad experience as a child and slowly losing my teeth through 30 years of neglect, I knew that I needed a dentist and someone special! I was particularly interested in implants as I did not fancy dentures. Dental implants could, in effect, give me my third set of teeth! To get to know more I went along to an ‘informal open evening’ to look around the practice and meet the staff who are all very friendly and put you at ease about your fears. I then saw a slide presentation by Dr Mankoo demonstrating the different types of treatments carried out at the practice which was very impressive.

People ask me now: ‘did it hurt?’ I can only say that after a completely painless operation under local anaesthetic and intravenous sedation to have the implants inserted (13 in my case!), there is some discomfort during the healing, but no real pain. As the face is the centre focal point, it’s nice to be able to laugh and smile without the thought that people are looking at my disgusting teeth. This has given me the confidence to feel a better person.”

Bill (43) from Slough

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