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What are dental implants?

Losing your teeth or even only one tooth can often be a severe psychological blow. For those people who have teeth missing, wear dentures or are about to lose their teeth, dental implants can offer a superb permanent alternative and a highly predictable way to restore missing or failing teeth.

A dental implant is essentially an artificial ‘root’ typically made of titanium, which is placed in the jawbone to support a replacement tooth or teeth in the form of a crown (for a single tooth) or bridgework (for multiple teeth and implants).

A single missing or failing tooth, or any number of teeth up to a complete dentition can be restored with dental implants, providing a highly predictable restoration that should preserve and strengthen the bone as well as look and feel completely natural.

For failing teeth that need to be removed, we place the implant or implants directly into the extraction sockets whenever possible as the tooth or teeth are removed (i.e. immediate implants). In addition, an immediate ‘provisional’or interim restoration of the tooth or teeth is provided so you can still function and smile whilst the implant or implants stabilise in the jawbone.

Dental implant before
Dental implant after
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