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“No other dental specialists had the expertise to take on my case”

“I was just so down about the way my teeth looked. Every time I glanced in the mirror I thought they looked horrendous and it had got to the stage where I covered my mouth with my hand when I spoke. I hated pictures of myself smiling and had become incredibly self-conscious. You get paranoid, imagining all the time what people are thinking when you speak or smile.

I came across the Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry on the internet. I looked at the case studies and could really relate to them. When I saw the before and after shots of patients they’d treated I just thought ‘wow’ – if they could do that for me it would be fantastic. The treatment spanned two years but once on the road I never looked back. The most memorable moment was relatively early on, when I had the first temporary bridge fitted; even then my teeth looked a hundred times better than before and I could already see what a dramatic transformation there was going to be. I was able to start smiling again.

What especially impressed me was their professionalism and friendliness. Everyone made me feel so at ease and the atmosphere was totally relaxed and calm. It sounds odd, but it was actually a lovely place to be! And Tidu’s skill is quite exceptional. I’d rung around other dental specialists before choosing his practice but none were willing or had the expertise to take on my case. I felt quite desperate before and I worried about the future, but having the work done has been so liberating and it’s enabled me to get on with my life.”

Katherine (38).

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