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The Challenge:

Crowded, worn and irregular teeth and a deep bite

The solution:

Orthodontics, tooth-coloured fillings, veneers, crowns and dental implants

This middle-aged gentleman was unhappy about the unattractive appearance of his front teeth. He had congenitally missing lateral incisors, a deep bite, and teeth that were crowded, worn, heavily-filled and broken down. The upper canines next to the central incisors contributed to the poor overall aesthetics.

Orthodontic treatment was essential to move the canines into the right position and create space for the missing lateral incisors, which were restored with dental implants and crowns. The arches were expanded to the correct form, the teeth realigned and the whole mouth restored with tooth-coloured fillings, crowns and veneers.

Orthodontic work before and after with x-ray

Case Study

Orthodontics, tooth whitening & general restorative dental treatment

Another great example of the orthodontic treatment helping to create a durable, healthy aesthetic result for this middle aged lady.

Orthodontics aligned the teeth so that a conservative restorative treatment approach could be used. General restorative dentistry, some tooth whitening and a couple of crowns and two veneers helped to make this beautiful result.

Orthodontic work before and after

The Challenge:

Periodontal disease and failing teeth

The solution:

Periodontal disease treatment, full mouth rehabilitation and dental implants

Years of neglect and the effects of smoking had ruined this gentleman’s teeth and smile.

A fantastic result was achieved in a very difficult case by carefully treating the disease to save some of the upper teeth and removing the failed teeth which were replaced with dental implants and crowns and bridges.

It’s easy to imagine the impact on this patient’s quality of life, smile and confidence.

Periodontics before and after
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