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Plastic gum surgery ‘root coverage’ procedures were carried out on both the upper and lower front teeth to correct the proportions of the teeth and also to thicken the gums to make them resistant to further recession.

The upper teeth and lower back teeth were restored with new crowns and the lower front teeth bonded with composite to correct the worn uneven edges. We successfully corrected the sloping upper teeth and produced a wonderful aesthetic outcome. A spectacular and yet very natural result was achieved producing an attractive and more delicate ‘soft’ look to the teeth.

This case demonstrates the value of plastic gum surgery in conjunction with a full mouth restoration. This 57 year-old patient had old crowns and various restorations in her mouth that were now ‘aged’ and no longer ideal. She was unhappy with the overall appearance. There was marked gum recession around her front teeth and this made her teeth look very long, in addition to the crowns sloping to the left. The shape of the crowns also gave an artificial appearance.

Few dentists can match the skill of Dr Mankoo in area of soft tissue management and plastic gum surgery. His expertise and experience in this area accounts for many of the superb aesthetic results that we achieve in both restoration of teeth as well as implants.

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