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Numerous studies have shown that the single most important factor determining the success and longevity of any dental work is in the skill and knowledge of the person who does it. As tempting as it may be to travel abroad to have dental implants – in a bid to save money – you will be much better off in the long run if you choose experienced UK implant dentist. Whilst our fees may be higher, the quality of treatment and, of course, the results speak for themselves. It really is a case of you get what you pay for!

How is our approach different to dentists abroad?

We are not interested in short-term, quick-fix dentistry. Whether you require simple remedial treatments or more involved procedures like Dental Implants, our philosophy is to provide long-term dentistry solutions that are in your best interest.

Unlike some of our counterparts based abroad, we are not in the business of short-term smile makeovers. Our ultimate goal is not only to restore and maintain the health of your teeth and gums to enable you to eat comfortably, but also to achieve a lasting healthy and attractive smile – so that your dentistry enhances your overall quality of life!

Despite the many advantages offered by a dental implant, problems can still occur, particularly in patients with poor oral hygiene, heavy smokers or if the dental implant treatment has not been carried out optimally. Unfortunately, sometimes implant treatments are carried out by less experienced practitioners and, particularly in the case of ‘dental tourism’ and ‘budget dentistry’, treatments are inadequately planned and executed with the focus being on ‘fast and cheap’, rather than ‘excellence and long-term’. Just because something is cheap and well marketed, it does not mean it is always in the patient’s best interest. With the increase in popularity of ‘dental tourism’ and ‘budget’ dentistry we see more and more patients receiving inadequate implant treatments and because of our long-term experience and expertise in dental implants (over 25 years), we increasingly see and are referred patients requiring re-treatment of dental implants.

Nevertheless, if the treatment is carried out to high standards by experienced clinicians and the patient looks after their mouths properly, few problems are likely.

One of the problems we see is gum recession on an implant. This can occur if the implant is incorrectly positioned or is there is inadequate bone or gum around the implant, particularly on the facial side. The case shown here illustrates a poorly executed implant treatment to restore the upper right central incisor of a young female. She was clearly unhappy with the result particularly as she had a high lip-line in her smile. The ‘after’ pictures show her after re-treatment by Dr Tidu Mankoo.

What makes us stand out in the UK?

Our experience in all aspects of restorative dentistry as well as other related disciplines helps us to achieve the best possible long-term results for our patients. Our highly skilled UK team is led in its pursuit of excellence by Dr. Tidu Mankoo, the eminent world expert in Dental Implant Treatments, Aesthetic & Restorative Dentistry.

In many areas we believe we offer a level of expertise second to none. Our outstanding international reputation as one of the finest clinics in Europe, especially in the treatment of complex restorative cases, means that we regularly receive referrals from other dentists – based in the UK and abroad.

We see a lot of cases of failed dentistry work carried out abroad, including dental implants. Why take the chance? Whether yours is a simple or extensive case, call us on 01753 833755 for life-changing dentistry you can trust!

To learn more about dental implant treatments, as well as its many benefits, take a look at our dental implants solutions, our case studies or call us on 01753 833 755

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