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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

When a much longed-for first child arrives you can expect to see numerous smiling photographs of mother and baby. But there are none of Katherine Morris and son Alex. “If I saw any pictures where I was smiling, I hit the delete button straightaway,” she says. “You won’t find any in the house.”

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Vivien (64)

“The other day I had lunch with an old friend who said in the course of conversation ‘You’ve still got beautiful teeth Viv, you must have looked after them well!’ Which reminded me that I haven’t written to thank you for the great job you did. To replicate the teeth I used to have in my youth was an outstanding feat. Many thanks for giving me my smile back.

Before and After Photos
Vivien - before / after

Nancy (52)

"Acceptance of a voluntary redundancy package, prompted me to take stock of a number of features in my life which had been neglected over the years. One of these was my dental health which was suffering from neglect and piecemeal dental care, which had resulted in a less than satisfactory state of affairs!

Dr Mankoo has the art of assessing your mouth and saying 'Ugh!' in such a charming way that you don't even feel offended! Decision made to go for a complete rebuild, I then embarked on a year-long programme which was demanding both in financial and personal terms. Not once, however, during this period did I have second thoughts or regrets about the decision. The early, visible results gave immediate promise of the final outcome and all the staff were unfailingly professional and totally committed to me as an individual.

A year on, I have redirected my career, established a thriving consultancy business and am continually complimented by former colleagues and acquaintances on my new image and appearance. To be fair I have also changed my hairstyle, but have no doubt that the real change is my confident new smile - I look better, feel better and have no doubt that this programme was one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made.”

Before and After Photos

Emma (42)

“Before finding Tidu, I had tried to persuade four different dentists to improve my front teeth and gums, but all of them said that it couldn’t be done. Tidu has proved them wrong, as I now have beautiful front teeth and healthy looking gums. I am absolutely amazed at what was achieved with Tidu’s skilled use of implants, bone grafts and soft tissue transplants. Did it hurt? I can honestly say it was never painful, although some bits were uncomfortable. Did it cost a lot? Well yes it did..... but it was worth every single penny!”
Before and After Photos

Freda (53)

“The results are fantastic and I would like to thank you and your team for your professionalism and the patience and caring you have given me during this time. Thank you for being a perfectionist! Needless to say I am delighted with the results.”
Before and After Photos
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