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Dora’s mouth presented a series of challenges. Missing her upper left canine, her other teeth had moved to close up the space.

She also had very odd triangular-shaped central incisor giving her a big ‘black hole’ between her front teeth. In addition, there was some gum recession which was particularly severe on the upper left lateral incisor.

Her treatment was a multi-discipline plan with corrective gum surgery for the recession and crowns to restore the upper front teeth and correct their shape and proportions.

The lower front teeth were restored with veneers and the result is shown at follow up appointment some 3 years after the treatment had been completed. A superb result with a beautiful new smile and healthy strong gums.

Her letter to us after moving to the USA really says it all!


“I’ve settled in to life here in North Carolina very well, we’ve been here 18 months already. The most traumatic part was finding a new dentist – God help him you are a hard act to follow! So far all I’ve needed is checks and cleaning. I may have to fly back to England if and when I need anything else. My teeth and smile still look beautiful. I take very good care of them and I feel they are the teeth I should have been born with!

Having cosmetic restorative dentistry was a big financial commitment, but it was worth every penny. I spent a lot of time in the dentist chair and got to know Tidu and all the other wonderful staff. You became like friends and made the whole process painless and at times fun. I want to thank you all, and especially you Tidu, you’ve changed my life (no exaggeration)! I smile all the time with confidence and people can’t help but smile back at me. It’s amazing how much better I look and feel. I miss you and I’ll always remember you when I look in the mirror. Thanks so much.”

Dora (43)

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