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What is restorative dentistry? A recap…

With an abundance of treatment options available for your teeth and the way that they look, it’s very easy to get confused with what’s available and perhaps applicable to you.

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Over the years, dentistry has become more advanced and therefore is no longer only about teeth cleaning and fillings.  You have so many more choices now and with a good dentist with a high level of expertise, you will find that most problems have more than one solution and can even solve major problems like extensive teeth loss or gum disease.

The way forward is very much restorative dentistry as it covers all the high level disciplines a dentist has to offer, which basically means you can combine science with the practical and get a good set of teeth while achieving good dental health for the future.

But we realise that with so many treatments involved, it is sometimes difficult to understand the difference between the aesthetic and the periodontal.

So, as a starting point for those looking to improve the way their teeth look as well as their overall health, here is a relatively simple breakdown of some of the disciplines involved in making your teeth and dental health the best that it can be.

More information will follow in subsequent blogs where we will be covering a simple breakdown of every discipline used in the treatment of your teeth.

If you have any questions we would be delighted to help and of course comments are always welcome.

Endodontics:  Not surprisingly it’s a specialist discipline and deals with the tooth itself (nerves and tissue for example) as well as the tissues surrounding the root of a tooth.  It covers treatments such as root canal therapies, cracked teeth, dental trauma etc.  It can be a crucial procedure for saving a tooth that would perhaps otherwise have to be extracted.

Periodontics:  This particular area of dentistry is all about the supporting structures of the teeth and the diseases or conditions that affect them.  These supports include things like the gum and bone.   Conditions that require this discipline may have been caused by an accumulation of plaque (causing extensive gum disease) that has been untreated and can lead to tooth loss for example.

Implants: Where people have lost teeth, then dental implants can offer a permanent solution.  For example, if you have worn dentures for a while, you may not realise that implants are a wonderful alternative.  Equally, if you have lost a tooth – for instance a front tooth which is very noticeable – then implants can offer you a solution that can restore your smile and confidence far beyond even the best set of dentures.

Orthodontics: This discipline deals with things like correcting teeth that are crooked or the closing of extensive gaps between the teeth.  As well as the aesthetic benefits of a straighter set of teeth, future dental health can be achieved as cleaning is a lot easier for example.

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