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Straightening Teeth. You’re never too old.

It may be staggering to think about but it is estimated that over one third of children require their teeth straightening. Therefore, it naturally follows that there’s actually a similar number of adults who are affected by crooked teeth – largely because the issue was not addressed when they were children.

Tooth alignment is actually possible at any age, just so long as your gums and the bone structure of your jaws is healthy. Therefore, if you were one of those children who suffered when you were young and you’ve just accepted the problem of crooked teeth as an adult you don’t have to!

So what are the benefits of teeth straightening?

First off it can improve your appearance. So a smile that you’ve hidden suddenly becomes a confidence builder and a benefit to your self-esteem.  There are many treatments that deal with crooked teeth too, so if you’re worried about the idea of braces you needn’t worry anymore!

With discreet treatments that are not visible like aligners you can get all the benefits of a great set of teeth but without the embarrassment or hassle of the braces!

There are actually many people who are well-known in the media who have used non-invasive treatment too. Olympic cyclists Laura Trott and Jason Kenny have undertaken treatments. However, you may never have guessed on account of the results!

The truth is crooked teeth don’t have to rule your life! At Advanced Dentistry we’ve helped many people with crooked teeth get the smiles they deserve, as well as the confidence they always wanted.

All it took was an initial consultation in a stress-free and relaxed environment and we were able to draw up a treatment plan that gave the results our patients wanted.

If you want to tackle those crooked teeth from childhood that have followed you into your adult years, why not contact us and let us help you?

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