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Restorative Dentistry – Don’t paper over the cracks…

Whether it’s time or circumstance that has taken its toll on your oral health and your teeth, it can mean a precision plan is required to bring your smile back to beautiful and restorative dentistry is the pathway that can get you there.

Restorative dentistry completely encompasses all disciplines and treatments that modern dentistry has to offer you as it combines the aesthetics with the practical.  So as well as a beautiful smile you can get optimum dental health, functionality and happiness for the long-term.

There are key treatments that can all play their role in restoring your oral health and beauty such as dental implants, cosmetic dental treatments, periodontal treatment, orthodontics and so on.  It may also include specific treatments such as crowns, fillings, veneers, gum rebuilding and grafting, as well as tooth whitening and braces.

What types of treatments you may personally require is all based on your situation and the current state of your teeth and oral health.  However, whatever your situation it’s really important is to understand that good restorative dentistry is about addressing your oral health as part of your treatment and not simply ‘papering over the cracks’.

This is the difference between adequate dentistry and really great dentistry.  After all, there’s no point having the aesthetics done if your teeth have no structure or strength or if there are issues with your oral health that require proper dental treatments before the aesthetics can be addressed.

Many people at times assume that by addressing how their teeth look (whitening for example) that this will be a good long-term strategy.  The outcome of this can often mean dental repair later on, which needn’t have happened, had things done properly before.

Restoring your smile will take time but the treatments involved can be broken down into phases, which then gives you a good plan of action for the future.

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