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Worn out teeth can wear you down…

Worn out teeth are often the result of frequent and forceful pressure applied to the teeth. There are a variety factors that can be held accountable for this condition such as the grinding and clenching of the teeth (bruxism), aggressive.

Dealing with chipped or loose teeth…

You know the scenario, you’re sat there eating and suddenly you feel something crack! Whether it’s a chipped tooth or you suddenly discover with horror that you have a loose tooth it can be distressing. Suddenly your mouth doesn’t feel.

Thinking of getting a great smile this summer?

There are always questions to be asked and answers to be found in our profession. At Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry we get our fair share of enquiries and queries regarding dental and oral health from specific questions about treatments.

Caring for your teeth – A guide from Advanced Dentistry Part Two

In our last blog, Advanced Dentistry took some time running through some common questions where it comes to caring for your teeth.  In today, we follow that up, giving you more insight into what you should and shouldn't eat if.

Caring for your teeth – A guide from Advanced Dentistry Part One.

In today’s blog, Advanced Dentistry starts a two-part blog series that hopefully answers some of the most common questions asked where it comes to looking after your oral health, while hopefully debunking a few myths in the process. Do come.

Problems we solve at Advanced Dentistry

When it comes to problem solving, Advanced Dentistry works hard to offer the very latest treatments and high quality care in relation to dental problems. Having specialised in areas of aesthetic dentistry, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry for many years.

Could Easter be bad for your oral health?

Surprising as it may seem, Easter is almost upon us – which means only one thing for most people.  Chocolate! Many people love chocolate and with millions of people getting an extra fix or two at this time of year.

Do you like to smile?

There cannot be many people who would tell you that they would not like a beautiful smile.  However, if you are someone who feels it’s never going to happen because your teeth just aren’t up to the job, then this.

Dental Tourism – Is it a false economy?

Dental implants as a treatment in aesthetic dentistry are becoming increasingly popular for people all over the world.  Aside from offering a highly functioning solution to dental perfection they offer a permanent solution to tooth loss and a whole host.

Endodontic dental treatments – what do they do?

For anyone who does not know, endodontic treatments are also known as root canal treatments.  They involve treatment of injury or disease to the dental pulp of your tooth or teeth.  This is basically the area where nerves in the.

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