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Are acidic foods and drinks destroying your tooth enamel?

Acid erosion is caused by the chemical action of acids on the teeth that are not of bacterial origin. The most common cause cause of erosion is by acidic food and drink with a ph value below 5.0, with acidic.

Pregnancy and Dentistry

One of the things that often worries pregnant patients is their dental care while pregnant. There are unfortunately many myths that have contributed to a fear of dentists during pregnancy but like all myths, there is generally no scientific reason.

Putting things straight – solutions for crooked teeth from Advance Dentistry

Crooked teeth are a common problem that affects people of all ages. In many cases children are born with crooked teeth and this is often rectified using fixed orthodontic braces. However, the structure of our mouths change as we grow.

How e-cigarettes impact our oral health

As people have gone from smoking cigarettes to what some deem as the ‘healthier option’ in e-cigarettes, we thought it would be a good time to take a closer look at these inventions and consider the impact they may actually.

Crooked teeth – treating it the Advanced Dentistry way…

Having crooked teeth can be a highly embarrassing, not to mention unpleasant experience.  It can make you feel self-conscious when you smile and can also affect your day-to-day eating experiences as your bite can be seriously affected by things like.

Teeth in a day

For someone who has more extreme cases of missing teeth life can be really difficult. However, with the advancements in same day teeth you can get your dental issues resolved more quickly and with surprisingly little fuss. ‘All on 4.

Choosing a private dentist…what should you look for?

If you've ever considered aesthetic or corrective dentistry from a private practice you have probably felt overwhelmed by the amount of private dentists on offer.  It is a fact that in recent years the numbers of private dentists have increased.

Same Day Teeth at Advanced Dentistry

Same Day Teeth Implants are a great relief for anyone who is looking to get their teeth looking better promptly. In fact, this type of treatment has grown in popularity, as it offers people with missing teeth a much better.

Discoloured Teeth? Get it treated with Advanced Dentistry

One of the first things you notice about that ‘winning smile’, those movie-star pearly whites, is just that – the pearly white colour.  Having a perfect set of teeth means very little if they’re yellowed and stained – but at.

It’s now or never…Spot tooth decay early and keep smiling

Here at Windsor Advanced Dentistry, we provide a range of dental services that are designed to provide aesthetic advances, while ensuring that optimum oral health is maintained.  After all, it’s always better to make sure things last. So in this.

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