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Great tips for choosing the right aesthetic dentist…

When it comes to choosing the right kind of dentist for improving your smile it’s really important to make sure that you not only do some research but that you are completely happy with the choice.  After all, for some.

Dental problems we solve at Advanced Dentistry

When it comes to dental treatment, Advanced Dentistry in Windsor has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a number areas. For this reason, we can often provide advanced solutions to dental treatments, with a view to restoring your teeth.

Sensitive Teeth – Some Advice From Advanced Dentistry in Windsor

Sensitive teeth can be attributed to a variety of conditions, including dental decay or leaking fillings, gum disease or even over brushing of teeth. However, there are a number of ways to avoid these issues. Regular visits to your dentist.

Basic dental care advice – the importance of flossing

Whatever state your teeth are in, be it crooked teeth, missing teeth or something else altogether, flossing is something that is worth doing regularly. Many people are put off flossing, for a variety of reasons, but there are far more.

No Smoking Day – the benefits of giving up

It’s past the point of preaching to the unconverted. You can’t make people do something they are not ready to do. So preaching doesn’t help, but raising general awareness still counts for a lot. On March 13th No Smoking Day.

Keep your resolutions and make it a positive, healthy start to 2013.

Keep your resolutions and make it a positive, healthy start to 2012. Beating bad breath aka halitosis with some help from Advanced Dentistry Well, it’s that time of year once again where the effects of an indulgent Christmas and December.

We all gently graze but what is it doing to our teeth?

If you are like thousands of other people in the UK, snacking regularly will be something you will be used to.  Whether it’s sweets or sugar and salt loaded provisions, you can be sure that they do cause serious health.

British teeth – nothing to smile about?

There is an old myth about bad British teeth that may have been perpetuated further in the wake aesthetic dentistry, but as they say, every myth has some basis in truth. Brits are generally considered to have the worst dental.

New Year’s Resolutions – make one a visit to your dentist

It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, and it’s a new year. Start off on the right foot by keeping a few of those New Year’s resolutions and maybe adding another one to the list – visit your UK.

An examination of dental care for the elderly

As people get older their dental care needs change substantially as do their medical needs in general. It is not uncommon for the use of dental implant surgery to be used or even porcelain teeth veneers and dental bridge work..

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