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Discoloured teeth – the options available…

As a nation, we like our tea and our coffee and sadly there are plenty of people who smoke and drink caffeine filled drinks.  What all of these things have in common is that they can discolour your teeth, making them go a dull and rather unattractive yellow colour.

There are a number of tooth pastes on the market which might help but they never give you that ‘dentist white’ look and do not always help you achieve good oral health.

For many people, a trip to the dentist for some teeth whitening can rectify standard discolouration of teeth. However, for some people their teeth may be worn and chipped, which means that while the surface smile can be improved upon, the overall oral health is still the same.   In these kinds of cases then composite bonding and possibly even porcelain veneers could offer the best solution.  However, this does depend on your teeth and your own personal circumstances.  Just because we all have teeth does not mean that a treatment is applicable to even two people.

If you have discoloured teeth and feel embarrassed – perhaps you’ve tried various tooth pastes and over-the-counter treatments with little or no success, then you will be pleased to know that Advanced Dentistry can provide an extensive range of dental treatments to eradicate discoloured teeth to enhance your smile for the better.  Equally, we can provide additional treatments to improve your overall oral health and resolve things like worn out teeth and gaps in your teeth as well.

It’s really important to remember that while discolouration of teeth can be fixed with something as simple as bleaching, here at Advanced Dentistry we know that in order to get the very best results for you and your long-term oral health that you will require a professional approach that takes in to account all aspects of your oral health.  This is why we prefer a holistic approach, with each person being dealt with on an individual basis.

Aesthetic dentistry (also known as cosmetic dentistry) is not just about having a makeover. It should be about giving you fantastic results for years with continued oral health, so that you can smile with pride, knowing that your teeth are not only white and sparkling but that they are also really healthy!


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