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Dental Crowns – Some information from Advanced Dentistry

In the Advanced Dentistry series of blogs, we take a look at some of the treatments involved with aesthetic dentistry and the reasons these treatments might be used to restore your smile and oral health.

In today’s article, we take a closer look at dental crowns, offering you some scenarios and of course some key information such as how long treatments can last (although this depends on the individual) and what dental crowns procedures involve.

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are a form of restorative dentistry that can help to protect damaged or broken teeth.  They work by strengthening your existing teeth so you gain benefits aesthetically but also from a functional perspective.  This type of treatment is also known as ‘caps’.

Reasons you may need dental crowns

If you have a tooth or teeth, is significantly decayed and there is not enough structure to your tooth then a dental crown can be a good treatment.

If a significant portion of your tooth is fractured and cannot be built up again using treatments such as bonding, then dental crowns can offer an effective treatment solution.

You may have a large cavity and benefit from additional protection via dental crowns.

Where you may have had a dental implant to replace a missing tooth or teeth, a crown could be fitted to the implant.

Where there is a case of root canal treatment, then a crown is very often used as a way to strengthen the tooth.

For those with acidic erosion (where the shape of the tooth has been compromise) then a crown could be a good option to improve strength and the aesthetic appearance.

Is a dental crown always going to be the best treatment for you?

Like with any good dental care, the real work comes with the improvement in your teeth’s structural and health improvements, with the aesthetic treatments used as a way to enhance the results further.

Equally, there are plenty of other treatments that may be a better solution for you – but this depends on your own personal circumstances.  Everyone is different so no two cases of dental treatments are going to be the same.

What does the dental crown produced involve?

First off treatment involves preparing your tooth or teeth for crowning.  This usually involves cleaning the tooth to remove damage and decay.  Then there can be a period of reshaping, to better prepare your tooth or teeth for the crowning.

Once this is done, then the tooth or teeth are prepared for a mould to get the exact dimensions required for the crown.

How long will dental crowns last?

Here at Advanced Dentistry we encourage positive follow-up care and of course regular visits to ensure your teeth and any treatments received are look after.  Just like your real teeth having an issue fixed means you have to then make sure you take the time to undertake good oral hygiene, attend for regular check-ups and of course get any other issues resolved should they arise.

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