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All on Four…the newest treatment and why it’s so good

Sometimes no matter how patient we are, we want something now and it’s not always a bad thing.  After all, when it comes to your oral health and your teeth, sometimes waiting can be embarrassing and also detrimental to your.

Advanced Dentistry Solutions to failed dental work

Some patients find that previous dental work carried out has left them with mouth functionality problems, discomfort or even recurring pain. Unsuccessful dentistry treatments and procedures lead patients to be far more cautious and even apprehensive in future, which is.

Same Day Teeth or All on 4 Implants at Advanced Dentistry

For many people, the thought of spending weeks and months undertaking dental treatment can be daunting and even off-putting. Aside from the actual dental issue that needs resolving, there is often a real concern that during treatment things like eating.

Failed dental work is not the end of a good smile!

If you have searched around for good aesthetic dentistry and a promise from one provider has ended up in failed dental work, it can be both a waste of money but more importantly, very distressing for you. Unfortunately it is.

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry – How much does it cost?

As a helpful guide to those looking at cosmetic dentistry and what it can cost, here at Advanced Dentistry in Windsor, we thought we would create a short blog outlining some of the things that can affect the total you.

Treating Worn Down Teeth

A common problem in today’s society of fast foods and sugary snacks, accelerated tooth wear can be a real problem. Worn out or worn down teeth – commonly called Tooth Substance Loss is something that affects many people. If you’re.

Are acidic foods and drinks destroying your tooth enamel?

Acid erosion is caused by the chemical action of acids on the teeth that are not of bacterial origin. The most common cause cause of erosion is by acidic food and drink with a ph value below 5.0, with acidic.

Pregnancy and Dentistry

One of the things that often worries pregnant patients is their dental care while pregnant. There are unfortunately many myths that have contributed to a fear of dentists during pregnancy but like all myths, there is generally no scientific reason.

Putting things straight – solutions for crooked teeth from Advance Dentistry

Crooked teeth are a common problem that affects people of all ages. In many cases children are born with crooked teeth and this is often rectified using fixed orthodontic braces. However, the structure of our mouths change as we grow.

How e-cigarettes impact our oral health

As people have gone from smoking cigarettes to what some deem as the ‘healthier option’ in e-cigarettes, we thought it would be a good time to take a closer look at these inventions and consider the impact they may actually.

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