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An Advanced Dentistry Guide to your children’s teeth

The beginning of dental care for all of us starts from a young age and it is down to parents to make sure that their children learn to take care of their oral hygiene and maintain the condition of their.

Advanced Dentistry treatments are about good oral health as much as looks

Aesthetic dentistry has many advantages to offer and there are a variety of reasons to have a qualified specialist look at your teeth to improve the overall aesthetics.  It is also a good excuse to keep your oral health in.

Flossing: The practice may be hated but your teeth love it!

While it’s a chore for many people, flossing is actually a great thing for us to do, in our efforts to look after our teeth and dental health. Some people find it boring – others find it too difficult to.

Going to the dentist doesn’t mean you have to have toothache…

So many people suffer with a phobia of dentists or at the very least a sincere fear of going to the dentist. Often this fear manifests itself in childhood through a bad experience and more often than not, the long-term.

Severe gum disease ‘increases risk of massive heart attacks’

In a recent research initiative it appears that the severity and extent of chronic periodontitis (gum disease) could influence the severity of a heart attack. Researchers from the University of Granada have demonstrated that levels of periodontitis is related to.

What do Dental Implants offer you as a treatment?

When it comes to your teeth and repair of your teeth there are a wealth of options open to you. At Advanced Dentistry we specialise in all sorts of treatments but today, our blog is going to focus on dental.

Make the right resolutions in 2015

Every single year millions of people everywhere approach the New Year and think about the resolutions they need to make. If you’re one of those people you could be one of many who are happy to try and lose weight.

All-on-4 Dental Implants and dentures: Why implants can restore your confidence

In today’s blog we thought we would give you some basics on what all-on-4 dental implants offer you as an alternative to getting dentures. For anyone who is looking at getting their oral health and teeth back to looking good.

The dangers of teeth whitening at home

Last night a consumer programme on the BBC took a closer look at the practice of DIY teeth whitening and the dangers of searching online for a cheap solution to discoloured teeth. What it highlighted is that it’s actually very.

Missing Teeth – Don’t avoid smiling with embarrassment

Having missing teeth can be unsightly but also contribute to loss of confidence, especially if the missing tooth or teeth are visible every time you smile. Missing teeth are not something that happens to older people either.  Gum disease (periodontal.

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