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Bridging the gap between failure and success

If at any point in your life you have had to have bridgework undertaken you may well already be aware that it can need repair or might even need to be replaced.  This is particularly true if you have had.

Are your worn teeth wearing down your confidence?

Have you ever looked into the mirror while brushing your teeth and notice that they are worn?  Or indeed, perhaps you’ve looked at a picture of yourself, smiling with your pearly whites, only to discover that your front teeth look.

Edentulism – are you missing your life?

While there are many ailments and issues surround teeth that can impact on confidence and even the ability to smile, perhaps one of the biggest is for those who suffer from partial or even complete edentulism. This is where you.

Advanced Dentistry solutions to crooked teeth

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog posts at Advanced Dentistry, you’ll probably have noticed how much of an emphasis we place on the importance of a good smile.  Not only can it be aesthetically pleasing and helpful in.

Do you think your teeth are the worst a dentist could ever have seen?

A very common misconception about decayed teeth is that your dentist won’t have seen anything as bad in his or her life!  In fact, people seem to feel so bad about the state of their teeth this can actually prevent.

Broken down teeth – The causes and approaches to good dental treatment

If you have broken down teeth it can be an extremely distressing experience.  Whether your teeth are decayed, you have weakening caused by cavities, or even failed dental treatments have resulted in broken down teeth that make it difficult to.

Great tips for choosing the right aesthetic dentist…

When it comes to choosing the right kind of dentist for improving your smile it’s really important to make sure that you not only do some research but that you are completely happy with the choice.  After all, for some.

Dental problems we solve at Advanced Dentistry

When it comes to dental treatment, Advanced Dentistry in Windsor has a wealth of knowledge and experience in a number areas. For this reason, we can often provide advanced solutions to dental treatments, with a view to restoring your teeth.

Sensitive Teeth – Some Advice From Advanced Dentistry in Windsor

Sensitive teeth can be attributed to a variety of conditions, including dental decay or leaking fillings, gum disease or even over brushing of teeth. However, there are a number of ways to avoid these issues. Regular visits to your dentist.

Basic dental care advice – the importance of flossing

Whatever state your teeth are in, be it crooked teeth, missing teeth or something else altogether, flossing is something that is worth doing regularly. Many people are put off flossing, for a variety of reasons, but there are far more.

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