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Restoring your smile with Advanced Dentistry

Well who would have thought it but we’re in the final month of 2013 and as usual people’s minds start to focus on Christmas Day and beyond. In today’s blog, Windsor Advanced Dentistry looks at what is a very, very.

A natural smile…fillings and tooth coloured bondings

Taking care of your teeth is so important and at Windsor Advanced Dentistry we are recognised for our reputation in helping you do that. Sadly your teeth, gums and general oral hygiene can often be neglected when it comes to.

Restorative Dentistry – Don’t paper over the cracks…

Whether it’s time or circumstance that has taken its toll on your oral health and your teeth, it can mean a precision plan is required to bring your smile back to beautiful and restorative dentistry is the pathway that can.

Say cheese: taking care of ageing teeth

As we get older, even if we’ve done our very best to care for our teeth, some things are inevitable.  As we get older our mouth goes through changes, just like our bodies, which can result in things like yellowing.

Edentulism – Missing your teeth…

If you have missing teeth, have lost most of your teeth or even have no teeth at all it can be a very embarrassing and upsetting issue.  This kind of problem is known as edentulism and many people suffer with.

Dental Crowns – Some information from Advanced Dentistry

In the Advanced Dentistry series of blogs, we take a look at some of the treatments involved with aesthetic dentistry and the reasons these treatments might be used to restore your smile and oral health. In today’s article, we take.

Composite Bonding – some basic information from Advanced Dentistry

In our last blog, Advanced Dentistry spoke about some of the basic information surrounding dental crowns. To follow-up on that in our series of treatment blogs, today we take a closer look at composite bonding.  We will take you through.

Don’t be anxious…feel good about yourself with Advanced Dentistry

As a private practice we work with a broad range of clientele and we focus very much on individual care.  So no matter what dental treatments you need and how they are managed, we have your interests at heart at.

Bleeding gums – your oral health could be a risk!

Bleeding gums are often mistakenly considered to be a minor problem caused by over-brushing.  However, this can often be the start of something more serious; the onset of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a common.

Aesthetic Dentistry or Cosmetic Dentistry…What’s the difference?

When it comes to the question of cosmetic dentistry many people get confused.  They perhaps see this as the only name for what is a highly skilled service to improve your teeth.  Be it the way that you smile or.

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