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Broken down teeth – The causes and approaches to good dental treatment

If you have broken down teeth it can be an extremely distressing experience.  Whether your teeth are decayed, you have weakening caused by cavities, or even failed dental treatments have resulted in broken down teeth that make it difficult to live your life, the fact is simple, it is not something you should even consider accepting.

Here at Advanced Dentistry in Windsor, we have worked with many people in the same situation who through various factors have ended up with broken down teeth.

However, our approaches to the treatment of this problem have resulted in many patients feeling good about themselves again.

Our integrative approach to the treatment of broken down teeth encompasses a wide set of options.  For example, dental implants, periodontal treatment and aesthetic dentistry treatments, have gone towards restoring someone’s smile, but so has our orthodontics and endodontics too.

Because each person has their own individual issues, we treat every single case that way, which results in our unique approach in ensuring oral health is also partnered with aesthetic fixes. After all, good dentistry is about ensuring our patients get treatment that has longevity.

Restorative dental treatments can of course include more than one treatment to ensure the end result is as it should be and aside from the treatments already listed, we may need to include things like tooth whitening, braces, fillings crowns or veneers to name a few.

Even serious cases of broken down teeth can result in a successful outcome – even if they require bone and gum rebuilding.

The biggest issue for many people is the thought of treatment rather than the treatment itself. To counteract this, we always talk you through everything and answer any questions you may have. For example – Will it hurt? How long will it take? Will it damage my good teeth?

We have many years experience in the treatment of broken down teeth and as a leading dentistry practice we understand your need to know about the treatments and how best to approach them in your individual case.

If you would like advice or you need guidance on bringing your broken down teeth back to health then contact us.  We always have time to explain to you what treatments are available and will be able to put your mind at east.




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