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Having no teeth, or missing most of your teeth, i.e. complete or partial edentulism, can have a crippling impact on a person’s self-confidence, ability to eat well and quality of life

When a patient is missing all or most of his or her teeth, the solutions are:-

  • Complete removable dentures
  • Fixed implants supported crowns and bridges (usually 6-10 implants in each jaw)
  • Fixed implants supported dentures (usually 4-6 implants in each jaw)
  • All on 4 implants (fixed dentures on 4 implants in each jaw)
  • Removable over-dentures on implants (2-4 implants in each jaw)

In the case on the above right a man in his 40’s had lost nearly all his teeth as a young man having a terrible impact on his self-confidence and quality of life. Imagine having to wear dentures since your twenties!

We successfully restored his teeth with dental implant supported fixed crowns and bridges recreating the natural gum contours and giving him back a fantastic smile as well as the confidence to eat anything. A truly life-changing treatment!

Take a look through our case studies or call us to understand more about our treatments for missing teeth that could be life-changing for you too!

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