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A combined implant and tooth supported full mouth rehabilitation with fixed bridgework of a 60 year old male with a severely broken down and failing dentition.

4 year follow up demonstrates excellent result.

This 60 year old male presented with advanced periodontal disease and severe breakdown of the remaining teeth. He had already lost a number of teeth and was wearing an unsatisfactory upper partial denture. The remaining upper teeth and a number of lower teeth were hopeless. With treatment we managed to save a few lower teeth but the upper jaw was completely restored with fixed crown & bridgework on implants. The lower teeth were restored with a combination of tooth supported and implant supported crowns and bridges. Bone & gum augmentation and grafting were required on the upper jaw where bilateral sinus lifts and grafts were carried out.

The challenge was to achieve a result with a natural looking outcome and good soft tissue aesthetics. You can see from the 4 year follow up the achievement of excellent gum architecture and a highly natural looking result.

For further treatment information see Dental Implants.

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