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Dr R Hughlock says:

I had the privilege this year of completing a dental course titled Ultimate Aesthetics. The course was run by Dr Tidu Mankoo at Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry. Dr Mankoo owns and practices his advanced dentistry in this centre with Dr David Winkler and the rest of the team. Dr Mankoo’s skill has earned him an outstanding international reputation for excellence. This course was set out to be small and interactive. I remember enquiring as to the use of the course for myself. I am fairly advanced in my restorative career. I place implants often needing to enhance the receptor sites with autogenous bone and alloplastic materials and do every sort of dentistry. I spoke to Tidu at this time and he felt that I would not be disappointed. How right he was and what a wonderful course we all enjoyed.

The excellent venue as an actual advanced dental practice gave the course the right ambience. We were looked after by an extremely friendly staff. Dr. Mankoo’s personal Assistant Cathy Winkler, proved to be supportive and provided wonderful lunches and refreshments. Hotel facilities across from the practice were excellent and affordable for those who needed to stay overnight.

The delegates proved to be all ages of dentists. The spread was from the recently qualified to those of advanced experience. This might have been a recipe for disaster. Not at all!

The initial days of the course covered diagnosis and treatment planning linked with successful marketing and building a successful practice. The topics covered were broad and extensively discussed. These were periodontal issues, adhesive dentistry, aesthetic implant dentistry, and crown and bridgework. All current concepts and leading edge clinical know how were revealed.

The whole course was built around using the highest clinical standards. We kept coming back to the biological issues when planning and executing the treatmenths. Great Relevance was placed on dentistry being done which had a sure aesthetic longevity. Tidu explained the secrets of achieving great aesthetics through recognizing and following physiological and biological principles. Wonderful slide presentations spanning many years of continuing aesthetic success were displayed.

All the dentists on this course were inspired to do more and to advance and improve their current standards. This was the amazing part of the course. All participants will make better dentists than they would have become. We all thank Tidu for contributing to this.

Dr Liam McGrath says:

Excellent. I have learnt so much. Thank you Tidu for giving me so much guidance and permission to benefit my patients.

Dr J Jugdev says:

This has been the most informative course I’ve ever been on – Bring on the advanced implant course!

Altogether superb course have already recommended to my friends.

Dr H Taylor says:

Very good course, perhaps could spend more time talking through the steps taken to reach a treatment plan. Would be good to have Tidu do a Perio course! Thank you very much!

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