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Same Day Teeth or All on 4 Implants at Advanced Dentistry

For many people, the thought of spending weeks and months undertaking dental treatment can be daunting and even off-putting. Aside from the actual dental issue that needs resolving, there is often a real concern that during treatment things like eating and generally living will be seriously hampered by the treatment itself.

However, there is treatment that offers you same day teeth implants, which can give you all the benefits of a great smile, without the wait.

All-on-4 Implants offer anyone looking to improve their smile a way to get treatment that is quick and that offers a high quality result. Therefore, if you have missing teeth and it has knocked your self-confidence you do not need to worry about long, drawn out treatments.

Same Day Dental Implants come as All-on-4-Implants or as six or eight implants and they can be implanted on each jaw, dependent of course of your own specific dental requirements. As you would expect, every single patient here at Advanced Dentistry is consulted and treatment options devised based on their own specific case.

The Benefits of All on 4 implants

All on 4 implants are a safe, cost-effective and quick dental treatment for any individual looking to improve the appearance of their smile and of course, it offers the best opportunity for an improved quality of life.

If you have missing teeth then All on 4 Implants are a good option for you as they are even suitable for people who have lack of bone. In fact, they can be a brilliant treatment for someone who has had bone loss over a long period of time.

How will they benefit you?

These implants utilise the very best technology in dentistry terms and this is why they have gained significant popularity of late. They can be a great for people with even a full arch of missing teeth and even if you don’t have natural teeth left, these implants are still a viable option!

Why are they better than traditional dentures?

Same day teeth offer a very comfortable and more natural sensation than dentures and as they are fixed, you will find they make your everyday living much easier. Eating needn’t be a worry and while you do need to take care of any dental treatment you receive, you will find that you don’t have to avoid situations through fear.

If you have missing teeth and you’d like to discover more about our Same Day Teeth via ‘All on 4 implants’, why not give us a call and arrange for an initial consultation? You’ll find our highly experienced implant surgeons will be able to assess your requirements and answer any questions you might have.


Failed dental work is not the end of a good smile!

If you have searched around for good aesthetic dentistry and a promise from one provider has ended up in failed dental work, it can be both a waste of money but more importantly, very distressing for you.

Unfortunately it is also something that is much more common than you might think.

All dental work at some point needs some kind of revision of course. However, a good provider will give you treatments that have positive long-term results, giving you, life changing dentistry that really counts and not quick fixes that will cause issues very quickly.

With all this in mind, if you have failed dental work and are currently wondering what you can do to rectify it, then a visit to Advanced Dentistry could be the answer.

Failed dental work requires precision and skill to return your teeth and oral health to what they should be and using a range of dentistry disciplines we can help you resolve any problems. Our approach is all about long-term results for our patients, so even if you have an extreme case of failed dental work we can help you.

How we can help you with failed dental work

If your failed dental work seems to have gone past the point of return, then you may be surprised to know that we have a range of integrated approaches to help you.  As well as things like dental implants, periodontal treatment and aesthetic dentistry, we can restore your smile and teeth to what they should be with an integrated, holistic approach that takes in to account your needs and long-term requirements.

Don’t suffer with failed dental work through embarrassment either. It’s easy to take advice and then find out it wasn’t quite the right advice and don’t assume that nothing can be done to help you if you’ve had something done and it has not resulted in what you envisaged.

Tidu Mankoo and the team at Advanced Dentistry are specialists in a number of areas so why not give us a call today and find out how we can make your failed dental work a success!

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry – How much does it cost?

As a helpful guide to those looking at cosmetic dentistry and what it can cost, here at Advanced Dentistry in Windsor, we thought we would create a short blog outlining some of the things that can affect the total you will need to spend on cosmetic dentistry in the UK.

The level of cost can vary greatly within the field and is subject to a number of factors.

Most importantly, every individual will potentially require different treatments, which will affect the overall cost of work.  Furthermore, as good dentistry offers both cosmetic improvement and general improvement of oral health, some of the treatments required will involve ensuring the teeth are actually healthy enough for the cosmetic work to be done in the first place.

The main points though are:

Each person will require a different amount of work and treatment on a per-case basis.

You will always pay more for higher levels of experience and qualifications.  Therefore some clinics will cost more in terms of fees if you are being treated by a specialist, or perhaps someone who has expertise in a certain area.

Higher quality dental materials that are used for treatment will also affect the overall cost.  Branded implants for example will be more expensive than non-branded implants, which are often imported from other countries.

Also different levels of after-care treatments and follow-up appointments will affect the overall cost, as a good dental practice will want to ensure that any work done is followed-up by an adequate amount of after-care levels.

Many people assume that all dental treatments are expensive and that there are no differing factors, but more often than not, highly skilled specialists just want to take pride in their levels of treatment, services and after care and do not want to offer cheaper materials as they can be a false economy in the long run.

Therefore, we advise that if you are looking at cosmetic dentistry that you consider the quality of treatment and use this to evaluate how this will benefit your oral health as well as the way your teeth look.

Treating Worn Down Teeth

A common problem in today’s society of fast foods and sugary snacks, accelerated tooth wear can be a real problem. Worn out or worn down teeth – commonly called Tooth Substance Loss is something that affects many people.

If you’re self-conscious when you smile because of worn down teeth you will understand the impact this kind of problem can have on your life. Whether it’s a family photo or summer holiday pic, you no doubt will feel embarrassment at your own tooth substance loss.

So what can we tell you about tooth wear?

There are actually three kinds of ailments associated with worn down teeth and these are:

Attrition – this is the act of grinding or clenching your teeth which can result in worn down teeth and it can affect your biting and chewing.

Abrasion – People who aggressively brush their teeth or indeed who over-brush them may experience issues with the sides of their teeth.

Erosion – This is where the structure of the teeth is lost through erosion of enamel and dentine. This is perhaps one of the most common reasons for worn down teeth in today’s world.

So what can you do if you’re suffering from worn down teeth?

Thankfully no matter how your teeth have been worn, Advanced Dentistry in Windsor can help you achieve oral perfection and health with some restorative dental treatments.

Our experience and expertise in all different areas of restorative dentistry means we can approach your personal situation one-to-one and determine a way forward that will make you happy and confident in your smile, no matter where you are.

So whatever treatment you receive, be it orthodontics, endodontics, a filling, veneers or crowns you will be impressed with the Advanced Dentistry approach.

We pride ourselves in offering the very best treatments and services to our patients.

So if you have worn down teeth and you would like to be able to smile this summer and beyond, do contact us for a one-to-one consultation. A great smile is just around the corner!



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