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Dental Tourism – Is it a false economy?

Dental implants as a treatment in aesthetic dentistry are becoming increasingly popular for people all over the world.  Aside from offering a highly functioning solution to dental perfection they offer a permanent solution to tooth loss and a whole host of other dental issues like severe gum disease resulting in tooth loss.

However, while there are plenty of positives there are potential issues to consider.  For example, patients who have poor oral hygiene and heavy smokers can have problems if they do not look after their implants. More worryingly though, are the patients who have gone down the budget route and ended up with implants that have not been carried out as well as they could have.

These treatment options are known as ‘dental tourism’ and often come under the ‘budget dentistry’ banner.  In fact, there has been an increase in these types of cases across a number of aesthetic mediums, whereby patients have looked for cheaper solutions to their problems and ended up with tragic results.

Dental tourism is essentially where you receive treatment out of the UK.  It can often be cheaper and offer a faster route to what you want but with this choice, comes the potential for things to go wrong.  Equally, when they do go wrong there is no back-up to speak of and therefore you can end up in a worse situation than when you started.

In essence, if something seems too good to be true it inevitably is and on this basis alone you should be extremely cautious with allowing anyone to go near your teeth and provide dental implants without a lot of homework.

In a lot of cases people have gone down the dental tourist route and ended up being worse off than when they started – often requiring more extensive work to fix the damage done.

If you are thinking about having dental implants then you should always find an experienced implant dentist with a long track record of success.  Equally, where you find a practitioner offering implants you should always check their level of experience.  Some are less skilled than others and this is where the risks occur.

Sometimes and let’s face it – when it comes to your own body – you may always want to think twice about cheaper options as there is almost certainly a reason they are cheap!

Quality of care comes with experience and the success of treatments.  Therefore, you may have to pay a little bit more to get what you want but the results will be so much better in the long run.

If you are considering dental implants and you would like to speak to a highly experienced team with consistently excellent results, Windsor Centre for Advanced Dentistry can help.

We offer highly advanced levels of dental treatments and have a long standing reputation within the dental industry for great quality of work and care.


Endodontic dental treatments – what do they do?

For anyone who does not know, endodontic treatments are also known as root canal treatments.  They involve treatment of injury or disease to the dental pulp of your tooth or teeth.  This is basically the area where nerves in the tooth itself are found.

What does the nerve in your tooth do?

The area inside each tooth contains nerves and blood vessels – all of which nourish and support the tooth itself.  Therefore, if this area is subject to an injury or disease, the nerve can end up dying.  This in turn can result in toothache or in other extreme cases a dental abscess.  Obviously this is a very uncomfortable experience and is something that is not to be ignored.  If it is, then your tooth will be subject to discolouring, greying and eventually it could turn black.

Tooth decay is by far one of the most common reasons for damage to dental pulp but it can also be caused by leaking restoration work, defective fillings, veneers and general trauma to the tooth, so it’s important to address this.

What does this treatment involve?

To avoid losing teeth, root canal treatment involves removal of damaged or dead tissue from inside the root canals of those teeth that have got infected. Once removed, the area is cleaned and disinfected and then sealed with a root filling. Treatment means you can have a tooth restored and functioning for years, as long as there is a sufficient amount of tooth remaining to support the filling.

It’s important to receive good quality care and treatment for this kind of work as if it is not done correctly you may get problems in the future.  This is why Advanced Dentistry works hard to ensure our patients receive the very best levels of care and our extensive experience reflects this.

Should you have toothache or indeed any symptoms that could be related to root canal problems do give us a call!



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