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We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Well it’s that time of year and the big Christmas Day approaches!  We all know what to expect.  You visit family, you end up getting visits from your family and you eat copious amounts of food, generally letting a bit of fat grow on our bones while you’re living the Christmas high life.

However, once the food’s eaten and you’re back to reality it’s never long before you start thinking about the New Year and what you might want to achieve in the shape of New Year resolutions.


Restoring your smile with Advanced Dentistry

Well who would have thought it but we’re in the final month of 2013 and as usual people’s minds start to focus on Christmas Day and beyond.

In today’s blog, Windsor Advanced Dentistry looks at what is a very, very common problem amongst people of all ages and how you can maybe make a simple change this year that will help you into 2014!

Bad breath is surprisingly common and is caused by a variety of things.  Also known as halitosis it can be a very upsetting experience for those who can smell your breath but, perhaps more importantly, you as well.

Aside from being something that makes you feel self-conscious it can really affect your self-esteem when you’re with people.


A natural smile…fillings and tooth coloured bondings

Taking care of your teeth is so important and at Windsor Advanced Dentistry we are recognised for our reputation in helping you do that.

Sadly your teeth, gums and general oral hygiene can often be neglected when it comes to the daily living.  Therefore if you don’t get check-ups or have them maintained you are likely to see deterioration over time.  In short, bad teeth and gums affects both your mouth and your overall health.  It can also affect your self-confidence severely.

A common treatment at the dentists is fillings and bondings.  Bonding is a treatment that can completely transform your smile giving you the confidence to smile a whole lot more.  It is a highly skilled treatment though and involves the use of a mouldable material known as dental composite.



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